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 Windows Mobile Professional

Windows Mobile 5 and 6+

Version 3.50

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Price: $12.95
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Extreme Wallet

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Get Desktop Extreme Wallet with Purchase of Extreme Agenda.


"Comparing with A1, PI and AF, XA is light weighted but feature-rich, fast and beautiful. The ewallet is esp. handy. The operations (touch, keyboard or stylus) are really fantastic. "
- CellNeuron on a Treo 750

"Great work, I really like how you work hard and efficiently to make your product better. I'm glad that I chose eXtreme Agenda!"
- toothdr

"Extreme Agenda is every bit as powerful and feature rich as the most powerful PIM programs, and has the added bonus of the Extreme Spinner and Extreme Wallet, two features which really make this program stand out among the more established competition."
- Doug at My Today Screen

"..the speed of the program (due to its tiny size) and you have what I consider one of the most user friendly, intuitive and fast PIM apps around." - Malatesta at WMExperts

"The eXtreme Agenda for Windows Mobile Professional is a great addition the world of PIM's with the excellent Spinner user interface.." - Review

 iPhone and iPad Version is found here: Extreme Agenda for iOS.

The Windows Mobile Organizer Revolution is Here.

Are you looking for a full featured replacement for Outlook on your Windows Mobile Touchscreen Device. Well you've found the best!

Extreme Agenda packs in more of the features you want at a price you will love.

We worked very hard to make this one of the most powerful Organizer's available but always kept in mind our idea of Effortless Usability. Things like The Best One-Hand navigation available along with finger friendly scrolling and gestures and the newly designed list editing show the attention to detail we put into our product.

So give it a try and see just how well it will work for you.

Do you have a Windows Mobile Standard(Non Touch Screen) Device?

Watch Videos Below

New Version 3.5 in April 2010 - So much better in VGA.

Don't less the price fool you. We actually pack more features than our competitor's!! Its a Steal!

  • Extreme Agenda
    • The Best Value for the Money
    • Fully Integrated and Full Featured
    • Regular FREE Updates
    • Syncs with Desktop Outlook*
    • Three Levels of Technical Support
    • Small Footprint
  • Agenda Views
    • Calendar, Week, Year, and Agenda Views
    • Week Grid View shows 5 or 7 days worth of info
    • Month Preview Pane - 2 Formats on Landscape
    • Show Calendar Bars and/or Category Icons on the Month View
    • View 7 Days worth of information in the handy Dates/Agenda List View
    • Birthday/Anniversary Support
    • Appointment Meeting Handling
    • Appointment Templates - Big Timesaver!!
    • Calendar Text
    • Drag -n- Drop Support
  • Tasks
    • Sort using Name, Priority, Category, Sensitivity, Completed, or Due Date.
    • Enhanced Task Creation
    • Task Preview Pane for easy Reference.
    • Quickly Delete all of your Completed Tasks.
    • Task Templates
    • The Only Task Program you will ever need!
  • Contacts
    • Contact Photo Support - No Silly Photo Bar.
    • Sort by Category, Company or Name
    • Alpha Search to Limit Contact List
    • Complete Call Log for Each Contact
    • Create Appts. or Tasks from a Contact
  • Extreme Wallet
    • 256-bit Blowfish Encryption Securely locks your data files.
    • Store Credit Cards, PINs, Website Information, Bank Accounts and more...
    • Category Filtering
    • Password Masking
    • Safety Timeout Feature
  • Projects
    • 3 Levels of Projects to better organize
    • Include Pocket Outlook Data and Links and Files.
    • Task Progress Bars show completion of Projects Tasks
    • System uses very little space to save your information
    • Drag -n- Drop Support
  • Extras
    • Outlook Search - Quickly Search Outlook for keywords!
    • Category Filtering On All Views.
    • Outlook Item Linking - Attach Important Items to Other Items and Files/Websites
    • User and Contact Text Support - A lot less Typing!!
    • Theme File Support - The Colors and Look and Feel is all Customizable, and Savable!
    • Task/Appointment Item Email/Web/Phone Parsing - Call your Tasks and Appointments!
    • Category Coloring and Icons on all Views!
    • Status Coloring - Colors tell you if you are Busy!
    • OTA Internet Updates from within the Program!
    • And So MUCH MORE!! No Really!!

Upgrade - Competitive or Otherwise

OK, here's the Deal. If you have a license to any one of these products then let us know by email and you are entitled to the Upgrade Price of only $7.95! Please designate where you would like to purchase the upgrade and some form of proof of License(and no not the registration code).

Upgrade Elligible Products:
  • Agenda One
  • Agenda Fusion
  • Pocket Informant
  • Agendus for Windows Mobile
  • Papyrus
  • Ulti-Planner
  • Project-ing


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