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"Just purchased Extreme Agenda. In my opinion the best available for the smartphone. One of the biggest selling features for me is the customer support."
- SteveB

"By the way, eXtreme Agenda is an absolutely phenominal program, which keeps getting almost rediculously better with each rev. Really, really nice job."
- Jason

"This is (IMHO) the BEST replacement for the Q built-in calendar"
- Steven from LA

"I LOVE the program, Extreme Agenda. Just what I need."
- Satisfied Customer Ray

"it still looks like the best product out there."
- User from EverythingQ

"Great work, I really like how you work hard and efficiently to make your product better. I'm glad that I chose eXtreme Agenda!"
- toothdr

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eXtreme Agenda - More Screenshots
Year View

  • Exclusive Feature!
  • Optimized Loading - it only loads the Month you want to see if you select it
  • Displays Days with Tasks in Green and Days with Appointments in Red
  • Select any month using the action key to jump to that Month View
  • It is Defaulted to off in the Select View Screen.
Month with Preview and Next Month Preview

  • Exclusive Feature!
  • New Feature allows you to see at a glance what your next month looks like.
Agenda/Dates View

  • View 7 Days worth of information in the handy Dates/Agenda List View
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Tasks can all be displayed
Week View

  • Week Grid View shows 5 or 7 days worth of information
  • Push '1' and '3' to Scroll the Current Days Items
Month View

  • Month or Calendar View can be customized to not contain a Preview pane.
  • Preview Pane can also be located across the bottom.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Icons are Displayed
  • ISO Week Numbers can be Displayed
  • In this mode both Category Icons AND Timeline Bars can be used
Day View

  • Zoom in to See Exactly what falls on a Day
  • Title Bars, Colors, and Icons are All Customizable
Call History Page

  • Access the Integrated Call History for Each Contact from the Menu in the Contact List
  • See When and How Long you talked to a Contact
  • Great For Billing