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Only $1.99


 iPhone / iPod Touch
3.0 OS or Better

Tri-Peaks Explosion

TriPeaks Explosion is a fast addicting version of the popular Solitaire game TriPeaks(or Towers). We have taken it to the extreme allowing you to gain points for each card you clear along with bonuses for runs, peaks cleared, and time. Join in on this fast paced action and climb up your High Score board to become the top dog on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Great for Solitaire fans as well as fans of action puzzle games like Bejeweled, Bubbles, and Tetris.

  • 6 Different Game Boards
  • 2 Game Modes
  • A Bunch of Achievements
  • OpenFeint High Score System.
  • Last Move Undo (tap up card)
  • And a whole bunch of fun

TriPeaks Explosion is OpenFeint Enabled.


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Version History

Version 1.0 - Submitted Jan.2010
  • First Version