Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously.

Our policy is pretty straightforward. Birdsoft LLC does not collect data from within our Apps or website. All your data is stored locally or within Apple or Google's systems, so no contacts, reminders, or events will ever be seen or collected here. We would never share any kind of personal information.

The one obvious exception of personal data is our mailing list, which we do not share your email once you choose to opt-in.

On occasion we use Apple or Google systems that collect anonymous data on an opt-in basis for generic analytics. These systems are not managed by us, but safeguards are in place that you are in control of these things and they again are anonymous. Any tracking for business purposes is always done so you remain anonymous.

Rest assured Birdsoft LLC is not in that kind of business. Integrity is important to us.

Note: On our QuickNine golf scorecard we do reserve the right to get your anonymous golf course entry information and reviews in order to augment our system to allow the community to grow and verify our golf club database.