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Rating from TuCows!

Easy to use, well supported and great value
-MalcG, London

Excellent product. Easy to install and I've been running it for about 3 weeks with no problems or bugs whatsoever. Why buy a seperate program for your DVD, video and/or software collections??? Whatever you collect, you can create a very nice library with this program that's user friendly. So far, I'm up to four seperate collections. Good job!
-Marti, Canada

"So far I like it the best of any of these types of programs I've tried (I bought the full version). "
-Dave, Minnesota


MediaWatch is a list application written specifically for the Pocket PC. It allows you to quickly and easily catalog your Media collections, including CDs, DVDs, Albums, Cassettes, Videos, and Video Games. It will quickly show you your collections, along with a count, and the total investment that you have in each one. It also offers features to easily keep track of who you have lent your media out to. It allows for importing and exporting of your data to be used in your regular Windows applications including Access and Excel.

The clean new user interface and great features make this one of the best pieces of software available for cataloging Media information. Try it out today....

  • Track who Items are lent to
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • CDs, DVDs, Albums, Cassettes, Videos, and Video Games
  • Import/Export
  • and More..


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Version History

Version 1.05 adds
  • Less Frequent List Reloads
  • Back Button on Media Display
  • Friends List with Add/Edit/Remove
  • Friends sorted Alphabetically
  • Other bug fixes...
Version 1.04 adds
  • Added Type field to the "All" media List
  • Ability to shut off "Lent" field in media list
Version 1.03 adds
  • Fixed Minor Import Capability Issue
  • Export now exports selected Media Only.
Version 1.02 adds
  • Import Capabilities
  • Saves Information more often
  • Random Selection of Titles
  • Sort by Name or Title
Version 1.01 adds
  • Ability to change Currency Symbol To UK Sterling.
  • cosmetic Changes