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Introductory Price

Only $1.99


 iPhone / iPod Touch
2.0 OS or Better


"it's a great take on the Qix style game" - Mr. Charley

"I enjoy the game a lot." - CBraun53

"Birdsoft, awesome rendition of jezzball! Jezster is refreshingly fun.

... Jezster has a really fun take on how to "draw" your sectional lines, and the ease of play makes this a must buy." -Rich_952000

"Jezzball back in the day .. I think what it was lacking was an appropriate challenge. So, I was pretty impressed that Birdsoft seems to have offered exactly the challenges that the game required. Just adding a few levels and in-game goals makes this a whole new game." -Doug at JAMM


He's Mean! He's Green! And well, he's just a ball with a Hat!

Jezster and his evil hench-balls have taken over Shiny Happy World. It is up to you, brave player, to take back this lovely cushy place.

You've saved Rolando and danced in Dizzy Bee 's world, now save this weird make believe land from some naughty folks.

Beta testers from the age of 4 to 60 have enjoyed the challenging but simple game play. A great game for all ages.


  • 30 Levels of ball trapping gameplay
  • 6 Boss Levels with special abilities
  • Good and Bad Power Ups and Obstacles Galore
  • High Score System
  • Achievements
  • 3 Difficulty Settings
  • 2 Control Modes
  • Classic Jezzball Mode


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Version History

Version 1.0.02 - March 2nd 2009
  • Shipping Delayed for QA.
  • First Version

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