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 Windows Mobile Pro / Classic - Pocket PC

PPC2000, PPC2002, WM2003, Windows Mobile 5, WM6, WM6.1, WM6.5+

Price: $9.95
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4.5 Stars - "An excellent poker game for those wanting to learn or hone their skills at no limit Hold 'Em."
-GAYMBoi at

(A-)"Great Visuals, a slew of features, and customization options make version 2 of Birdsoft's popular Texas Hold 'Em poker a great represent- ative of the popular poker game." - Allen Gall, Games Roundup in Pocket PC Magazine, Issue: Nov. 2005

4.5 Hamburgers - "Rarely will I find a game for the PPC that will “shake” up my world. ... All-in Hold ‘Em is not an industry changer but it comes very darn close! It is clearly one of the best games that I have played on my PPC to date. ... The reason that I rate it so high, is because of the intelligence engine that is put into this game. The game made me feel as though I were playing against real people. A very tough feat indeed. This is a must try." -bkbroil review at

"This game is addictive! I play it constantly and it has shaped and molded my Poker skills. I consistantly beat players who have played much longer than I (I am a novice) due to my ability to practice on my ipaq. Your game will improve!"

"There's been an explosion of Texas Hold'em games lately, and it's been nice to have more than one title to choose from, but every time I have tried another version I've come to the same conclusion. Most of them have flashier graphics than All-In, but their AI isn't anywhere near as challenging. Also, the controls for All-In are excellent. It gives you the ability to control the game with both the stylus and the D-Pad (I prefer the D-Pad). Birdsoft provides outstanding customer support, and the developer frequently releases updates and adds enhancements to make this game better. If you want the game with the best AI and the best controls, go All-In!"

"its detailed graphics simply blew me away...But what really got me hooked was the AI....I sometimes forget that I'm the only human in the game. Simply outstanding."
-James T.

"Wow! You just made my night. I've tried all the available Hold'Em games for the PPC and none of them quite cut it. Most have great graphics and not-so-great gameplay or visa-versa. This has both!"

4 of 5. "If you like casino games this is definitely one to get. Don't look for a THX sound experience, but expect challenging game play with a variety of options to customize your next Hold 'Em experience. The AI is truly challenging and will sharpen you skills for the next real game you play."

 iPhone and iPad Version is found here: All-In Poker.

Non Touch Screen Windows Mobile version is Here.

Bringing the Fun to Windows Mobile Poker

Are you looking for a great game of Texas Hold 'Em for your Windows Mobile Device? Well you've found the best!

All-In packs a ton of features into a small package so you can play a GREAT game of Texas Hold 'Em anywhere you may be.
  • NO LIMIT, Pot Limit, or Limit Play
  • Play Career Mode or Quick Play. The action saves so you can come back to it while you are on the go.
  • Learn how to play with our 'Hand Tips' and Complete Help System.
  • Play in Portrait or Landscape Mode (or Square Screen!!!)
  • Great Customizable Game Play for all skill levels!
New Version 3.0

With All-In 3.0 we have upgraded the entire system making the User Interface even easier for everyone to use. We have also added a number of features that have been highly requested. Give it a try and see just what we've done.
  • Omaha High
  • Multiple Careers
  • Great New Interface
  • Even better VGA device Compatibility
  • and So Much More.
Note: Existing users can purchase the upgrade in the left column or try the trial. If not satisfied re-download the latest 2.x version below in version history to revert back to the old version.
Game Play

The game play of All-In was designed and has been refined to give you exactly what you want. Straightforward and attractive poker with easy to follow action and tons of customizations.
  • Best in Class Poker Graphics Engine designed so the action is easier to follow.
  • Tournament Play as seen on the WPT, WSOP, and Celebrity Poker.
  • Simulate Ring Games(Money Games) with Rebuys and Blind Controls.
  • 24 Unique Animated Players!
  • Complete Customization.
  • Stylus Free Play.

See if you have what it takes to be a champion playing in our career mode. Play your way through the Crazy Bird Poker Circuit and see if you can build your reputation and bankroll to climb up to the pro ranks.
  • Multi-Table tournament action in the featured events.
  • Play ring games or single table tournaments to build your bankroll.
  • Keep track of career money and statistics.
  • Obtain the rank of professional and enjoy even more challenges.
Artificial Intelligence

We take pride in knowing our AI is the best in the Mobile World! If you try both us and the competition you'll see the difference immediately!

And if you are just starting out why not give yourself the best shot of improving. Why practice against an inferior AI? And more importantly, will the game still be fun when you are good?!
  • Players play using one of 3 random styles of Play : Tight, Normal, and Loose.
  • Players will 'Go on Tilt' if handed one too many bad beats!
  • Some Players even show 'Tells' that may give clues on their hands.
  • Our AI has even been used by players practicing for the WSOP!!

All-In is filled with Customization Galore. The game play and look of the game is completely up to you.
  • Customize the look of the table, deck, and background.
  • Complete blind Settings to control the pace of your Tournament.
  • Player Setup with Biographies allows you to play the players you want to play.
  • Hand tips and hand hints as well as raise and 'end of hand' options
  • Left handed button layout is available.
  • Control if sound is played or not.
  • Hide the animated players if you desire.
  • Well, you get the idea....
The Best Poker Deal on Windows Mobile!

Buy All-In Hold'Em and PokerTimer for around $25 from Handango.

You can't come close from the competition with Limit and No-Limit for under $50, and you still don't get a Desktop Tournament Timer!

Version History

Version 3.0 - 11/19/2009

  • Omaha
  • Multiple Careers
  • New List Interface
  • Skip Career Events
  • Bigger Fonts
  • VGA and 320x320 enhancements
  • Other Fixes and Enhancements
  • 3.01 4/13/2010 - Omaha 4ofKind bug and other Enhancements

Version 2.81 - 3/20/2009

  • Download PC Install or CAB.
  • WVGA HD Support for Xperia and Touch HD 480x800
  • Fixed Pro 500 STT payout problem
  • Other Minor Fixes

Version 2.80 - 8/22/2008

  • VGA Support for Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Axim X51v
  • 320x320 Support for Treo 800w, Treo Pro, and Samsung
  • WQVGA Support for Samsung Omnia
  • Rabbit Hunting Feature
  • Incoming Call fixes
  • Treo Ok Button and Soft Key Updates
  • And More...

Version 2.751 - 1/18/2007

  • Fixes Possible Memory Leak
  • Fixes Problem with an Easter Egg

Version 2.75 - 12/29/2006

  • Completely New Look and Feel
  • Pro Level in Career Mode
  • Treo 700w display fix
  • One Shared Straight Rule Fixed
  • Two New Tiles
  • Many Other minor fixes

Version 2.24 - 2/2/2006

  • Keyboard support
  • Treo 700w display fix
  • Other minor fixes

Version 2.21 - 10/28/2005

  • Graphics fix -player arrow on left in Landscape,
  • Graphics fix -right handed Tip button background
  • New "cool" Easter Egg

Version 2.2 - 10/11/2005

  • "No Character" Mode - Shows Big Cards
  • 240x240 Square Screen Support
  • WM2005 Support
  • other fixes and enhancements.

Version 2.1 - 9/20/2005

  • Show Last Hand on Winner
  • Career Screen Key support
  • Tip Dialog Format Changed
  • Raise by SB Option
  • Acceleration on Key Raise changed
  • Other Visual Changes
  • AI updated in several areas.
  • other fixes and enhancements.

Version 2.03

  • Hx4700/e800 Fix
  • Battery Meter now available
  • Other minor code changes.

Version 2.01

  • Fixed Saved Game problem when exiting, usually on CF/SD Cards or Built-In Storage
  • One Logic Bug Fixed

Version 2.0 - 5/13/2005
  • Career Mode -including Multi-Table Tournaments
  • Major AI Update - also added Tilting and Tells
  • New title, menu graphics
  • New blind,button,dialog graphics
  • Landscape support in all secondary screens
  • Hand hints and tips
  • 12 New Computer Players
  • Rebuy option to better simulate Ring Games
  • Players Dim when leaving game
  • Pot Limit
  • Quicker Load Time
  • More Keypad Support
  • Johnny now not locked to position
  • Other Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Version 1.3 - 1.0a

Version 1.0
  • Released January 14, 2004

All-In Hold 'Em Poker for Windows Mobile Professional/Classic (like the Treo, Diamond, Omnia, Touch)