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 Windows Mobile Standard and Professional

Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5

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4.5 Shadows - "Overall I have been very satisfied with Extreme Text from Birdsoft. It comes in real handy on those longer texting sessions. It also makes going through the history of a conversation that much easier." - Review at

"this completes the Q"
- Beta Tester Rudeboy

"I think everyone is going to be very pleased!! ...MOL 3 baybee!!! Birdsoft was able to fill a gap that no other Q developer has yet been able to fill"
- Beta Tester Sulster

"I Just tried the alpha and it works very very well."
- Jon on a Touch



Improve Productivity

Want to improve the productivity of all of your workers with Extreme Text. We off company discounts and site license pricing as well as custom development and custom installation options for easier deployment. Simply email us for more information.

Extreme Text - Windows Mobile Threaded Texting

Extreme Text is the premier Threaded SMS Texting application. It allows you to view all of your Texts as separate conversations for each contact you SMS, much like an Instant Message Conversation. It also adds great features including emoticons, following links in the text, User Defined Text Support, Photo Contact Support, and more...

And it works with your regular WM databases so all your current messages will be included and you can switch back to the regular Text program at any time without losing a message.

...::: Take your Texting to the Extreme :::...

  • Threaded Text Conversations
  • Now works with WM Pro Devices!
  • Tested to Work With MOL2/MOL3 Motorola Qs
  • Photo Contact Support
  • Emoticons
  • Follow Links in Text
  • Insert User Defined Text
  • Works with Existing Windows Mobile Databases
  • Auto-Capitalize
  • Color Themes
  • Small Footprint
  • Pro Devices feature Finger Scrolling
Note: In order to see the outgoing messages you must turn "Save Sent Items" on in the default Text Program.


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Version History

Version 1.20 Released - 10/26/09
  • Better VGA Pro Version support
  • New Theme Choices including Black
  • New Logo and selection Look
  • Click on Text body brings up list of links

Version 1.12.1 Released - 3/11/08
  • Ok Buttons on Dialog - Pro Version
  • Signature Option Button Fix
  • Can now retry demo from previous Versions
  • Better Error Messages on Load
  • 1.12.1 - fixed user text and emoticon problem in 1.12

Version 1.11 Released - 2/8/08
  • Var height List Delete Message Fix
  • Better Hyperlink support
  • Other Fixes and Enhancements

Version 1.10 Released - 2/6/08
  • Variable Sized Lists - Shows your whole message
  • Speed Optimizations
  • Better System Integration
  • Select Emoticon From List
  • Forward Message
  • New Color, Theme and Border Choices
  • Many Other Fixes and Enhancements

Version 1.02 Released - 11/30/07
  • WM Professional Support including Finger Scrolling
  • Better MMS Handling - Does not show but should skip and not block
  • Date After 7pm Fix
  • Other Fixes and Enhancements

Version 1.01 Released - 10/31/07
  • Main Contacts Sort by Newest
  • Delete Conversation
  • Message "Font Height" Setting
  • Message "No Date" Setting
  • Message "One Line" Setting
  • Left/Right go to previous/next message on Single Message
  • Open in Background to Conversation, New Message not marked Unread on you
  • Symbol Select Fix
  • Rotate - Resize Columns
  • Install removes Shortcut
  • "New" on Front Left Button
  • Other Resolve and Sending Fixes

Version 1.0 Released - 10/26/07
  • New Release