The Dog Ate ItiPhone Student Planner

Designed to be beautiful and oh so simple...

We thought there was a need for a beautiful, lightweight, but feature rich class organizer for students in this market. We went to the drawing board and created and refined an app that we think fits exactly that. Designed so a student can setup their classes with very little effort, and then use it to quickly see what they have coming up and very quickly add new assignments and reminders.

  • Full calendar with week and month views showing class bars or assignment text.
  • Drag -n- Drop in calendar to reschedule reminders.
  • Custom grading scales and weighted grading.
  • Running grade calculations and grade needed screen.
  • Share classes and assignments with friends.
  • Interface shortcuts to make new entries a breeze.
  • Color schemes, color coding, and class icons.
  • Passcode Lock your schedule.
  • Archive Previous Terms.

Try it for free and if you like it, upgrade to the full version which has unlimited classes and archiving.