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 Windows Mobile Professional / Classic

PPC2000, PPC2002, SP2003, and WM5 + WM6

Price: $14.95
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"This planner is absolutely amazing!"

"My compliments to Birdsoft! This very well laid out program gives me access to assignments from any and every class or activity I have. .... Overall, this is a must-have program for students. I am whole-heartedly satisfied with my purchase!"
-Bryan from PA

"I bought your software and use it since 2 months now. One of the big advantages over your competitorís products is its ability to automatically insert the next date of a class upon inputting a reminder."

" I just wanted to tell you what a great program it is. The ability to synch with Outlook is exactly what I've been looking for."

"I want to thank you for your great product and great support. ... The Dog Ate It is great for keeping track of my school assignments. Hopefully with proper use it will help me to bring my grades to a reasonable level. I hope you continue to put out other great products. ... Thanks Again."

The Dog Ate It

In the market for a Student Planner for your Pocket PC?

Well stop looking!

"The Dog Ate It" is the most attractive, feature-rich Student Organizer on the market. Featuring Outlook compatibility and full class scheduling and assignment tracking, it offers you a fresh simple user interface making accessing your schedule convenient and fun. This application is head and shoulders above the rest!

And as an incredible BONUS, it is cheaper than anything that even comes close!

Written from the ground up to take advantage of the Pocket PC's capabilities, "The Dog Ate It" contains functionality found only in High-End Information Management Systems. And coded entirely in C++, "The Dog Ate It" is guaranteed to be fast, efficient, and stable, even on low-end PPCs. Most importantly, it has been tested thoroughly so you don't have to worry about losing data or finding glitches at the most inopportune times. Your Schedule is safe with us!

Desktop Version Also Available! With Full Synchronization with Pocket PC.

Buy Both the Desktop and Pocket PC Version and SAVE!!!

Price: $25.95

  • Clean Efficient User Interface
  • Five Different Informative Views
    • View By Calendar, Week, Classes, Dates, and Grades
  • Full Assignment Tracking
    • Quick Intuitive Reminder Entry
    • Mark Assignments as HIGH PRIORITY
    • Keep Track of Other Clubs/Sports/Activities
    • List Display of all upcoming assignments
  • Filterable Daily View
    • Show reminders or Classes and reminders
  • Class Setup, Including:
    • Full Teacher/Professor Information
    • Class Times
    • TextBook Information
    • Specific Grading Scales
  • Overall Grade View
    • Grade Tracking based on Customizable Grading systems.
  • Outlook Compatibility
    • quickly transfer your reminders to your tasks and/or appointment list
    • Transfer Teachers/Professors to your contacts with ease
  • Multiple Color Schemes...
  • And More....

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Version History

If you've had trouble with the sharing of .stn files between the desktop and Pocket PC programs, please reload the latest version of the Desktop Software.

Version 2.12b Changes - 7/15/2005
  • Fix for Class Time Setting bug introduced in 2.12

Version 2.12 Changes - 7/8/2005
  • 2003 SE Landscape Support
  • Sync Change and installer update

Version 2.11 Changes
  • Added support for synching with desktop version.
  • If importing .stn files, adds teachers to list, if not already in there.

Version 2.1 Changes
  • Tab Mode: Use standard toolbars and tabs instead of droplist and buttons. choice of tabs on top or bottom.
  • Week View, Five or Seven day Week!!
  • Class Icon Setup. Set icons to represent assignments based on their class.
  • Assignment list columns now save any adjustments made to them.
  • Description boxes, use "enter".
  • Decimal credits now allowed.
Version 2.03 Changes
  • Save on Close for Compatibility with Wisbar, etc...
  • .Stn Icon showing and backup file fix
  • Teacher Redraw Fix
Version 2.02 Changes
  • CLEARTYPE Support!!
  • other changes..
Version 2.01b Changes
  • School setup tab back in.
Version 2.01 Changes
  • Horizontal Gradient Choice for Titlebars
  • Color List for Assignments on class view
  • checkboxes in list for Assignments on class view
  • Jump to Month on Calendar
  • shorter date text for list.. 2 digit year
  • Single selection in list
  • Fixed Stylus over the days "show the time" on class view (sometimes was too low)
  • Focus Rect around Selection
Version 2.0 Changes
  • Calendar View
  • Quick New Reminder Entry via the Menu
  • Quick View Mode - Jump directly to a view of what is clicked
  • 3 filter choices on Daily view.. Reminders, Classes, or Classes/Reminders
  • Backup, Synching, and Restoring of Term Information Files
  • Utility for Clean up of Old Non-Graded Reminders
  • Title Bars with Line and Gradient Effect Choices
  • Alternating background colors to distinguish listed items
  • Choice of 5 Color Schemes
  • "Smart" Scroll Bars on all Needed Views
  • New Grading entry System to allow for more advanced Grading Scales
  • Marking Reminders as High Priority
  • Added Class Name to Task/Appointment name in Outlook synching
  • Cleaner tabbed Configuration settings
  • Many other user interface and feature Touch-Ups
Version 1.02 Changes
  • Correct Assignment from Classes View
  • HP 525/548 Drawing Single Assignment Corrected!!!
Version 1.01 Changes
  • Allows you to enter real numbers for grades