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OS: PPC2000, PPC2002, WM2003, or WM5

Processor: Strong ARM/XSCALE,MIPS, SH3

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BatteryWatch is a System tray utility allowing you to quickly tell how much battery life you have left. Why waste valuable Today Screen space on a plugin when you can get the same kind of indicator by just looking at your System Tray (visible at bottom while on the Today Screen). The file is very small and takes VERY FEW resources to run.

Try it today.

  • Battery Meter on your Today Screen system tray without taking up Valuable Today Screen Space
  • 3 Icon sets
  • Jump to Power Settings
  • Menu display of Percentage of Power
  • Small Footprint

Want More?

Pocket SysWatch offers similar functionality but includes Memory and Storage Card displays and many more options.


Version History

Version 1.03 - released 2/22/2006
  • % in Menu
  • New Icon / Dialog changes
  • Update of Icon on click
  • Power Settings Jump changes
  • White Icon that was black fix
  • New Install

Version 1.02 - released 5/4/2004
  • White Icons
  • Some Reporting Fixed
  • Power Settings jump fixed to work with Axim X5 and a few iPaqs

Version 1.01
  • Black Icons
  • Menu Choice to Jump straight to Power Settings.