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iPhone Golf Scorecard with GPS Rangefinder

QuickNine is your new iPhone golf scorecard and GPS Tracking app. A modern simplified take on the iPhone golf scorecard which at every turn is aimed to do one thing. Get out of the way and let you play golf.

Why we're here.

Two things ring true for the golf scorecard market that we didn’t like.

Ever notice that the first thing most of these apps do is make you create an account and require your email address. And then when you investigate more you notice they are collecting a whole bunch of data about you. Why?!

And then once you do sign up, they have an absurd amount of tutorials and cluttered interfaces to step you through what is a whole over complicated learning experience just to get you started in their busy screens.

Shouldn’t we just get you out playing golf?

What we did.

We set out to make a FUN app with some very powerful features and some great stat tracking, but we wanted most of that to just be out of the way so when you are doing what you love to do, you aren’t spending all your time remembering how your app works.

Use the app all you want with our FREE basic interface. And when you are ready, step up to Premium for more features including the easy to configure GPS rangefinder and map, and course based statistics.

Course Catalog

Our catalog is comprised of hundreds of hand entered courses, some with built in GPS locations, and then thousands more from a top golf course data source. We plan to expand that both by purchasing thousands more courses worldwide from the same source as we get premium users, and by asking our users to submit completed courses they create in the app for inclusion.

We have built out the course entry system to be so streamlined, it takes about 10 minutes or less to do an entire course(we’ve used the app to enter the existing ones). Or you can enter a new course hole by hole the first time you play it with the app.

Note: Please try to enter as much information as you can as accurately as you can for submission.

Come see why we think we've created the best iPhone scorecard app and best iPhone rangefinder app for the money.

QuickNine Golf Scorecard on iPhone


  • Quick Score Entry System
  • Detailed scorecard display after round
  • Track stats including Putts, Penalties, Fairways Hit, and GIR
  • Catalog of 1000s of Golf Clubs (limited)
  • Efficient Course Entry System
  • Share Rounds with Email, CSV, or QuickNine file
  • Share Courses


  • Full GPS Rangefinder with Map
  • Quickly add your own points for distance tracking
  • Unlimited course catalog downloads
  • Course Based Statistics
  • Handicap Scoring
  • Stableford and Skins scoring
  • App Icon Choices
  • No Ads