Utility Data Collection and Mapping.


Custom Solution

Utiliforms is a completely custom solution. You work with us to define your form needs and we will layout and create the forms and custom database to your specifications. We can even overlay on existing paper forms. You just download the app from the AppStore and receive a special email that automatically upgrades the app to your solution, and your forms are ready to go on any iOS device. It really is that simple, we do all the work for you.
  • Designed to be completely intuitive for minimal training. Your field workers will love it.
  • Eliminate mistakes. Limiting entry to exactly what you want with fields like pickers helps the field worker make less mistakes. Eliminate transferring of data from a written form to the computer in your office.
  • Low device overhead. No proprietary systems or obsolete hardware when using iOS.
  • We create multiple forms setup to your particular needs using multiple fields with sublists included.
  • Field types include:
    • Text
    • Selection
    • Images
    • Signature
    • Date/Time
    • Location/Area/Distance(retrieve from Map)
    • Number/Sum/Product
    • URLs
    • Custom Fields
  • Deliver data back to office with FTP or email in .csv and PDF reports.
  • Overlay data on existing pdf or paper forms.
  • Print form directly from the app.
  • Integrate with map to show entries and map info points and use to fill forms.
  • Full Technical Support
Custom Development Possible including:
  • Custom data delivery such as DropBox or web services.
  • More Advanced mapping.
  • Custom data uploading to device.
Email us at utiliforms@birdsoft.biz for more information.